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Our Instructors.

Our instructors are all very experienced in explaining and showing you the most important features of DJing in an easy to understand way. Not only will they educate you on skills, but also explain what makes a good DJ set, and providing you the tools needed to educate yourself.

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Private DJ Lessons

€75,- p/hr


Is this course for me?

This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to DJ with no prior knowledge, or anyone that is already a bit more experienced with DJ'ing. Our instructors will adapt the private lessons to your needs and the level you require. 

Why DHA Academy?

We have been involved in every thinkable area in the music industry. This gives us the advantage of understanding the thought process from each decision maker how they sign and book artists. We have gained our experience from running Deep House Amsterdam, organizing various events with successful artists at top locations, doing artist management for high-in-demand acts, running a label and publishing fund with SONY & much more. This is why we understand what it takes to perform at a top level, also as a DJ.

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+31 6 15 05 22 04


+31 6 15 05 22 04