Advanced Course Antwerp

Get your skills on a professional level

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5 Weeks (15 Hours)

Advanced Course Antwerp.

You’ll work with Ableton

€ 945,- (INCL. VAT)

Full Overview Per Week

What you need:
Laptop with Ableton Live + Headphones

What you’ll learn:

  1. We work on getting your music production skills to the next level with the focus on: Workflow, How to get out of the loop, Arrangement, Refined Details & Strong Melodies.
  2. After our Industry Insights class you’ll know what bookers find important, how to get signed to labels, and how to create your own unique identity.
  3. After week 5 we schedule a 1-on-1 to work on your personal development, where we will help you identify your next steps, pitch your tracks to labels, and create a goal oriented plan.
Week 1 - Workflow & Creativity

- Introduction 

- Workflow 

- How to trigger creativity and inspiration

- Sequencers

Week 2 - Get Out Of The Loop & Signature Sound

- Get out of the loop 

- Creating a track live 

- Create multiple arrangements on the fly 

- Using Max for Live devices 

- LFO’s next level / Creating your signature sound

Week 3 - Refined Details

- Advanced Mixing techniques 

- Multiband Sidechain / Plug Ins Next Level

- Glue Compression in series 

- Parallel Compression / Mixing & Mastering

- Advanced Sound Design ( Serum / Operator / Granulator)

Week 4 - Arrangement & Mixdown + Masterclass

- Masterclass + Tricklist 

- Arrangement / Finalizing tracks 

- How to make the best mixdown

- Working in time frames 

Week 5 - Industry Insights

- Work Ethic & Lifestyle

- How to make a strong remix 

- Discover your identity

- Reaching out to labels / artists

- Make yourself interesting for bookers

- Choose the right people to work with

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Advanced Course.


Advanced Course.


Advanced Course.